Anna zoekt een Huurwoning / Studio / Appartement in Utrecht

Anna zoekt: Een Huurwoning / Studio / Appartement in Utrecht

  • Huurwoning / Studio / Appartement
  • Min. 10 m2
  • Anders
  • 25 Per direct

I and my partner Maan are very interested in renting out a studio in Utrecht (as many other studio searchers I believe ).

We will be arriving to Netherlands on 11th of May. So starting from 12th of May we would be happy to meet up and give you the chance to see if we would be perfect tenants for you.

I am a 25 year old Latvian. I was traveling for 2,5 years after my graduation and it so happened that I went to India last year and met Maan . I already have lived/ worked in Utrecht and that's why we chose this place to start our lives together. India is too hot for my eastern european blood. :) I will be getting back to my old job at the beginning (in restaurant "India Port") and meanwhile looking for something else since I want to get out of the hospitality industry. Maan is 27 year old Indian. He is a certified personal trainer so he will be looking for a job in this field. Before that we will apply for the partnership visa so he would be able to stay in Europe long term. We already have a lawyer there so we believe this will go smoothly.

In general our plan is to get settled, work, save money for our future goals. We are more about healthy cooking and mindful eating than partying. We like to keep our place clean and tidy. So as humble we are- we will be great tenants!

Let us know if you're interested in meeting us.

Have a nice day ahead,

Anna Kronberga and Maan Wardhan

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